Christophe Fiat, Judith Henry

Stubborn, insatiable, a go-getter, the greatest queen of Egypt confides her inner thoughts. An anachronistic portrait in the form of a kaleidoscope.

Imagine Cleopatra speaking today. Judith Henry reveals a Cleopatra in love, well and truly here and now, among us, performed more than embodied on a stage where multiple shadow friends or enemies answer her. She is also an actress who plays with this mythical figure. Indeed, there is a feminist streak to this Cleopatra, whose contemporary tone is familiar to us. The latest in a line of legendary female figures (Sissi, Madame Wagner, the Countess of Segur, Isadora Duncan) to be revisited by author Christophe Fiat.



with Christophe Fiat and Judith Henry

a project of Christophe Fiat and Judith Henry
text et music Christophe Fiat
direction Christophe Fiat, Judith Henry, Claire Ingrid Cottanceau
light creation Stéphanie Daniel
general management Ronan Cahoreau Gallier