Measure for Measure

Kogoba Basigui

Eve Risser, Naïny Diabaté, Red Desert Orchestra, Kaladjula Band

As part of Measure for Measure, musical theater festival

With Africolor

The contemporary young jazz composer Eve Risser and the Malian diva Naïny Diabaté combine their orchestra and music for a unique concert. The former is French, a pianist and a composer, part of a new generation of contemporary musicians. The latter has been a popular griot in Mali for 30 years. They represent two generations and two continents.



composition, piano, keyboards, flutes Eve Risser
alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet Antonin-Tri Hoang
tenor sax, alto sax, recorder Sakina Abdou
baritone sax, tenor sax Grégoire Tirtiaux
trumpet Nils Ostendorf
trombone Matthias Müller
electro-acoustic bass, effects Fanny Lasfargues
drum, percussions Emmanuel Scarpa
sound Céline Grangey
light Guillaume Marmin
bolon, singing Naïny Diabaté
djembé Lalla Diallo
guitar Fatima Maïga
dundun Bintou Koita
kora, keyboard Wassa Kouyaté
calebash Oumou Koïta
singing, kamele ngoni Benin Coulibaly