Mathieu Bauer

Mathieu Bauer has created this show, based on Samuel Fuller’s cult film Shock Corridor, with this year’s class of the École du Théâtre National de Strasbourg (TNS). He takes us on a journey into the folly of mankind and gives us a peak behind the scenes of Hollywood filmmaking.

A journalist gets himself interned incognito in a psychiatric asylum to investigate a murder. Three patients, witnesses to the crime, help him to reveal the truth. The unclassifiable Samuel Fuller, director of Shock Corridor, paints an uncompromising portrait of America in the Sixties, examining humanity surgically in his film.

Mathieu Bauer and his group of 12 student actors from the TNS, graduated in June 2016, seize this energy to pay homage to this American director who traversed the Twentieth Century with his visionary style, introducing supporting actors who still haunt the history of Hollywood and reflect the folly within us all. The show uses everything at its disposal: the director in action, with a duo of narrators telling the story and the supporting characters interrupting the scenes while the raving asylum orchestra rehearses its program! The show is driven by the compositions of Mathieu Bauer and Sylvain Cartigny who offer us a truly mad musical and choral score. With its diabolical rhythm, this show takes us to the frontiers where the distinction between madness and reason becomes fuzzy.


Mathieu Bauer’s main concern is to create works whose topics resonate with the stakes of our times. Guided by the notion of a theater closely linked to music, cinema and literature, where montage is conceived as a way to put down barriers between artistic forms, Mathieu Bauer works from very diverse texts and materials: newspaper articles, essays, novels, films, operas, and of course theater plays. He composes new structures which combine rhythm, text, singing and image. Here lies the specificity of his work and the basic logic of his theatrical practice.    


with Éléonore Auzou-Connes, Clément Barthelet, Joseph Dahan, Romain Darrieu, Rémi Fortin, Johanna Hess, Emma Liégeois, Thalia Otmanetelba, Romain Pageard, Maud Pougeoise, Adrien Serre
and musicians Mathieu Bauer, Sylvain Cartigny, Joseph Dahan

adapted from Shock Corridor by Samuel Fuller
adaptation, stage direction and scenography Mathieu Bauer
artistic collaboration and composition Sylvain Cartigny
dramaturgy Thomas Pondevie
costumes Léa Perron
sound Alexis Pawlak
light Xavier Lescat