Measure for Measure


Surnatural Orchestra / Creation

As part of Measure for Measure, musical theater festival

For eighteen years now, this collective of eighteen musicians (and its many acolytes!) have carved out a space of musical freedom for themselves, between dance music and experimental pieces. In constant search of invention, they have also come up with a new concert format.

After the cinema-concert, the ball, the circus show (La Toile with the Inextrémiste circus), the surnatural orchestra is taking on musical theatre for the first time. The entire story is told through music combining touches of contemporary jazz, world and brass band tunes. Either sung, spoken or rapped, words emerge from this architecture of sound, supported by the exuberant visual world of artist Elizabeth Saint-Jalmes. A poetic escapade into Utopia.



flutes Fanny Ménégoz, Clea Torales
sax Adrien Amey, Baptiste Bouquin, Jeannot Salvatori, Robin Fincker, Nicolas Stephan, Fabrice Theuillon
trumpets Izidor Leitinger or Guillaume Dutrieux, Julien Rousseau, Timothée Quost
trombones Hanno Baumfelder, François Roche-Juarez, Judith Wekstein
sousaphone Fabien Debellefontaine
keyboard, guitar Boris Boublil
percussions Sven Clerx
drums Emmanuel Penfeunteun
technical direction Nicolas Legendre
sound Zak Cammoun, François-Xavier Delaby, Guillaume de la Villéon
light Michaël Philis
general management Philippe Bouttier
scenography Elizabeth Saint-Jalmes, Michaël Philis
administration Christine Nissim
production and diffusion Marie-Edith Le Cacheux-Roussillon