Musical theater


Mathieu Bauer / Creation

Mathieu Bauer and his team embark the audience on an evening dedicated to the history of cinema and the United States, with the Une Nuit américaine (American Night) diptych, presenting Western and Shock Corridor.

“It is my view that these two scenarios from the golden age of American cinema, which gave rise in two genre films, echo and complement each other in many ways. Almost sixty years apart, and each in its own time, they provide a historical, sociological and political vision of the same country: the United States. On the one hand, the founding myth of the American nation and all the rules by which it will be governed, a subject that is inherent to the western. On the other, an uncompromising dissection of the neuroses and ills that inhabited this same society in the 1960s.”


Mathieu Bauer’s main concern is to create works whose topics resonate with the stakes of our times. Guided by the notion of a theater closely linked to music, cinema and literature, where montage is conceived as a way to put down barriers between artistic forms, Mathieu Bauer works from very diverse texts and materials: newspaper articles, essays, novels, films, operas, and of course theater plays. He composes new structures which combine rhythm, text, singing and image. Here lies the specificity of his work and the basic logic of his theatrical practice.    


with Éléonore Auzou-Connes, Clément Barthelet, Joseph Dahan, Romain Darrieu, Rémi Fortin, Johanna Hess, Emma Liégeois, Thalia Otmanetelba, Romain Pageard, Maud Pougeoise, Adrien Serre
and musicians Mathieu Bauer, Sylvain Cartigny, Joseph Dahan