Inextremist Circus

The Cirque Inextrémiste arrives with a festive concert, determined to inoculate us with Saturday night fever on 31 December and for the following days.

A mirror ball, a trampoline and fifteen artists, musicians, acrobats or both at once. These are the ingredients of an alternative rock’n roll-flavoured evening, full of surprises and twists.


Rémi Bézacier acrobat
Clément Bonnin, Jacques-Benoit Dardant light manager
Boris Boublil musician
Sylvain Briani Colin musician, acrobat
Solenne Capmas wardrobe
Yann Ecauvre artistic director, musician, acrobat
Julien Favreuille musician, acrobat
Géraldine Gallois musician, administrator
Violette Legrand musician, singer
Jérémy Manche musician, singer
Julien Michenaud musician, stage manager
Jérôme Souchet musician, steward
Véronique Tuaillon contortionist, musician
Bastien Roussel sound manager