Fa'Afafine - My name is Alex and I am a dinosaur
from 8 years-old
How do you say “I love you” when you’re still looking for your identity? Giuliano Scarpinato has created a visual fable about gender and adolescence.

Is he a girl or a boy? Alex, a young schoolboy, doesn’t want to fit into one box. Alex calls himself a “boy-girl” and is happy that way. Through video projections on the walls around him, Alex’s emotions and confusion blossom into changing landscapes. Will Alex eventually dare to be him/herself? A poetic play about freedom and tolerance. The premiere in France of a show that has been awarded multiple “young audience” prizes in Italy.



with Michele Degirolamo
and on video Giuliano Scarpinato, Gioia Salvatori

text and direction Giuliano Scarpinato
video Daniele Salaris — Videostille
scenography Caterina Guia
stage and costume assistance Giovanna Stinga
light Giovanna Bellini
illustrations Francesco Gallo — Videostille
traduction (French text) Federica Martucci