Musical theater


Mathieu Bauer / CREATION

Considered as a prologue to the opera itself, independently from the score and the story in the libretto, this work is first and foremost a free-standing object, in the form of a visual and phonic installation in which Judith digs up and displays materials of all kinds.

The show is built around the character of Judith, an older Judith, still locked up behind the seventh door, years after the end of the story of Bluebeard. She has devoted herself to a truly archeology excavation of emotions and the opera, in all its dimensions, which gives her scope for all kinds of digressions. This is the starting point for a montage combining literature, music, images and cinema, articulated around the question of emotions and under the auspices of Georges Didi-Huberman’s work, Quelle émotion ! Quelle émotion ?

With La Pop — Paris


Mathieu Bauer’s main concern is to create works whose topics resonate with the stakes of our times. Guided by the notion of a theater closely linked to music, cinema and literature, where montage is conceived as a way to put down barriers between artistic forms, Mathieu Bauer works from very diverse texts and materials: newspaper articles, essays, novels, films, operas, and of course theater plays. He composes new structures which combine rhythm, text, singing and image. Here lies the specificity of his work and the basic logic of his theatrical practice.    


with Évelyne Didi

after Béla Bartók’s Bluebeard’s Castle based on a libretto by Béla Balázs and various texts

concept and stage direction Mathieu Bauer
artistic collaboration and music composition Sylvain Cartigny
dramaturgy Thomas Pondevie
set design and costume Chantal de La Coste
sound Alexis Pawlak
light and general management Stan-Bruno Valette

executive production
Nouveau théâtre de Montreuil — CDN
coproduction La Pop