My Brazza

David Bobée

In a show tailored to his needs, Florent Mahoukou, a leading figure in contemporary dance in Congo-Brazzaville, talks about his youth, the overflowing energy of the African capital, the war he survived twenty years ago, and of dance, which saved his life. This testimony through words and gesture, written by Ronan Chéneau and directed by David Bobée, is designed for secondary school classrooms.



with Florent Mahoukou

text by Ronan Chéneau
directed by David Bobée
sound creation Grégory Adoir
management Marielle Leduc

Production CDN of Normandie-Rouen
Coproduction Théâtre de Sartrouville et des Yvelines-CDN (festival Odyssées en Yvelines), groupe Rictus