Musical theater


Mathieu Bauer / with the students of ERAC

In response to invitation extended by the Cannes Regional Drama School (École régionale d’acteurs de Cannes, ÉRAC), Mathieu Bauer adapted Prova d’Orchestra, filmmaker Federico Fellini’s famous tribute to the great composer Nino Rota, his long-time collaborator.

In 1970s Italy, the so-called Years of Lead, a television crew is doing a report on a symphony orchestra in rehearsal. Mixing realistic observations and mocking caricatures, Fellini depicts the range of relationships and feelings that the members of the orchestra have with their instruments, the music, the conductor and the rest of the group. The presence of the camera within the walls of the oratory frees the musicians from their inhibitions and they speak their minds candidly, gradually exacerbating the performers’ rebellion against any form of authority. Little by little, the harmony necessary for the orchestra to perform the score is lost as it becomes entangled in its social and political demands. With his typical humour and tenderness, Fellini implicitly criticises the different revolutions that punctuated the 70s, whether political or moral. A dramatic and musical theatrical partition performed by the fourteen young actors of the ÉRAC and the orchestra of the Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil, conducted by Sylvain Cartigny.


Mathieu Bauer’s main concern is to create works whose topics resonate with the stakes of our times. Guided by the notion of a theater closely linked to music, cinema and literature, where montage is conceived as a way to put down barriers between artistic forms, Mathieu Bauer works from very diverse texts and materials: newspaper articles, essays, novels, films, operas, and of course theater plays. He composes new structures which combine rhythm, text, singing and image. Here lies the specificity of his work and the basic logic of his theatrical practice.    


with Mathilde Bigan, Raphaël Bocobza, Fernand Catry, Pauline D’Ozenay, Anouk Darne-Tanguille, Nino Djerbir, Nicolas Gachet, Mouradi M’chinda, Morgane Peters, Nathan Roumenov, Tamara Saade, Frederico Semedo Rocha, Angelica Kiyomi Tisseyre-Sekine, Clémentine Vignais
and the members of the Orchester of spectacle in Nouveau théâtre de Montreuil

from Prova d’orchestra of Federico Fellini
adaptation and staging Mathieu Bauer
artistic collaboration and composition Sylvain Cartigny
dramaturgy Thomas Pondevie
light creation Stan-Bruno Valette