Thomas Pondevie

Three actors, three stories and a black box are the ingredients of a literary journey that leads through several secondary schools in the Paris Region.

Supernova is based on installing a “story box”, a mobile and transformable scenographic device, on site. Three actors delve into the short stories of Franz Kafka, Jack London and George Orwell, drawing on all the tools of theatre as they advance step by step and inviting the audience to explore the configurations of a multifaceted set.


with Iannis Haillet, Caroline Menon-Bertheux, Romain Pierre

from To Build a Fire of Jack London, Le Jeûneur de Franz Kafka et Comment j’ai tué un éléphant de George Orwell

a collective project created and and implemented by Thomas Pondevie
artisitic collaboration Elise Chatauret
scenography and costumes Charles Chauvet
light and general management Fanny Perreau
music composition Sébastien Ange