Measure for Measure



The Verdensteatret collective from Oslo builds a real-time landscape of changing lights and reverberating sounds.

In 30 years, the Verdensteatret has earned a name for itself on the European artistic scene for its experimental approach combining visual and sonic arts. The artists present us with an abstract work in constant evolution. Between installation and visual show, this performance, which is wide open to interpretation, is inspired by Alexander Calder, John Cage and the kinetic artist Nicolas Schöffer. The ambition of the Verdensteatret? To make us experience the flow of geological or planetary time, on a scale beyond human experience.



with and by Niklas Adam, Eirik Blekesaune, Magnus Bugge, Ali Djabbary, HC Gilje, Elisabeth Gmeiner, Janne Kruse, Asle Nilsen, Piotr Pajchel, Laurent Ravot, Martin Taxt, Torgrim Torve

Coproduction Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Black Box Teater. Le Verdensteatret is supported by the Arts Council Norway