Measure for Measure


Benjamin Dupé, Henry Fourès

A guitar sextet is already uncommon, but the members of the German group Ensemble Open Source Guitars are also virtuosos, equally at ease playing classical guitar, improvising or using digital sensors. For this evening, they are performing two works composed especially for them, n. n. 2018 by Benjamin Dupé and Six White Dots by Henry Fourès.


composition Benjamin Dupé
order Ircam-Centre Pompidou
french creation Henry Fourès (Six White Dots 2017)
order Landeszentrum Musik Design Performance, Université de la Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen
juggling Jérôme Thomas
musical digital relalisation Sébastien Naves (Ircam), Nicolas Déflache (GMEM)
Open Source Guitars Robert Menczel, Mikolaj Pociecha, Florin Emhardt, Phileas Baun, Marius Schnurr, Martin Köhler, Boris Slavov
artistic direction Barbara Lüneburg
sound engineer Wolfgang Mittermaier
light designer Franz David