As part as Step-overs, sport and gender event.

Eleven female football players and performers “coached” by Rébecca Chaillon, are getting ready to have at it on stage. Their goal? To question all kinds of discrimination through the body.

Rébecca Chaillon sees the stage as a place of challenges. Her shows are all about action, without any detour through theatrical fiction: they zoom in on the point of friction between the private and the political. “Can sporting exertions be feminine?”: the performance develops from this question, in successive tableaux on a stage covered with earth. With a good dose of humour, it expresses – through the flesh – a poetry that can be raw and virulent, soft or brutal.



team Adam.M Juliette Agwali, Adrienne Alcover, Yearime Castel y Barragan, Rébecca Chaillon, Marie Fortuit, Anouck Hilbey, Audrey le Bihan, Mélanie Martinez Llense, Élisa Monteil, Patricia Morejon

text and direction Rébecca Chaillon
artistic collaboration Céline Champinot
direction assistance Élisa Monteil
music compositon and live interpretation Suzanne Péchenart
song/hymen de la Fifoune Anouck Hilbey
création et régie lumière Suzanne Péchenart
régie générale, son et vidéo Marinette Buchy