As part of Catch eyes, event on otherness.

Becoming the subject of one’s life implies accepting one’s history. In a muted stage setting, Gurshad Shaheman, a performer of Iranian origin, tells his own story. A deeply moving face-to-face experience.

Gurshad Shaheman presents no ordinary show: this is a journey through his memories and ghosts. In three different spaces, we follow his every step through a monologue that is a form of autofiction. This intimist proposal is the artist’s first personal show – in which actor and author are one.



with Gurshad Shaheman

text and conception Gurshad Shaheman
sound creation, recording and mixing Lucien Gaudion
light creation and general management Aline Jobert
scenography Mathieu Lorry-Dupuy
conception et video management Jérémy Meysen
from original drawing of Yasmine Blum
direction assistance (for Trade Me) Anne-Sophie Popon
dramaturgic assistance Youness Anzane
scenography assistance and decor manufacturing Julien Archieri
scenography assistance Ava Rastegar