Que onda Mexico ?


Lagartijas tiradas al sol

Mexican actor and director Gabino Rodríguez describes, from an insider’s point of view, the daily life of an underpaid factory worker in Mexico.

Alone on stage, Gabino Rodríguez explains how he went to Tijuana to get hired as an employee in one of the worst factories in the city. He tells how he changed his name and social identity to pretend to be a worker. The Lagartijas tiradas al sol company reflects on the ambiguities of so-called witness theatre and uses the stage as a magnifying glass to show the living conditions of millions of Mexicans.



with Gabino Rodríguez

a show by Lagartijas tiradas al sol
based on the texts of Martin Caparrós, Andrés Solano, Arnoldo Galvez Suárez, Günter Walraff
directed by Gabino Rodríguez, Luisa Pardo
light and management Sergio Felipe López Vigueras
scenography Pedro Pizarro
sound Juan Leduc
video Carlos Gamboa, Chantal Peñalosa
artistic collaboration Francisco Barreiro

Lagartijas tiradas al sol
Delegated production Europe Association Sens Interdits