The Age of Possibilities


Ana Borralho and João Galante

They are not actors and are between 18 and 23 years old. They answer questions about their loves, their worries, their vision of the future and family. An unpretentious, straight-talking performance.

Ana Borralho and João Galante prefer reality to fiction. This artistic tandem, accustomed to performances about intimacy, fades into the background to leave the stage to young people met where the show Gâchette du bonheur (Happiness trigger) is being performed. In Montreuil, as in Valenciennes, Budapest or Lisbon, participants are invited to tell their stories. They speak less of happiness than of their desires, their views on society, and their intimate lives.


Ana Borralho and João Galante met each other while they studied visual arts at AR.CO and worked together regularly in the nineties as actors/co-creators with the famous portuguese physical theater group Olho. They have been working together on projects of their own since 2002 on performance art, dance, installation, photography, sound and video art. Borralho & Galante's frequent adressed themes include: body / mind, outside / inside, emotion / feeling, me / others, private / public, social / politics, gender / sexual ambiguity, erotic imaginary, self-portrait.


with May Ameur-Zaimeche, Louise Arcangioli, Eleonore Barrault, Pauline Couturon, Léa François, Nathan Herin, Marc Le Nestour, Camille Lizop, Pierre Lubuma, Sara-Angeline Madiba, Maëlle Maginot-Hardy, Oriane Massini, Lila Michel-Engelhorn, Eva Oriou, Loïc Pichardie, Loubna Raigneau, Simon Royer, Axel Sauvage, Jonas Thierry, Haiyou Wang

conception, artistic direction Ana Borralho, João Galante
light Thomas Walgrave
sound Coolgate, Pedro Augusto
dramaturgical collaboration Fernando J. Ribeiro
art assistants Antonia Buresi, Alface (Cátia Leitão), Tiago Gandra

production casaBranca
coproduction Maria Matos Teatro Municipal — Lisboa, Jonk — NY, Internationell scenkonst för unga — Jönköping, Nouveau théâtre de Montreuil — CDN, Le Phénix — Scène Nationale de Valenciennes — pôle européen de création, Le Boulon — centre national des arts de la rue de Vieux-Condé
with the support of Câmara Municipal de Lagos, Espaço Alkantara, LAC — Laboratório de Actividades Criativas, SIN Arts and Culture Centre — Budapest