Sylvain Cartigny / creation

The first step in the formation of a large-scale amateur orchestra, four national anthems are revisited with brass bands in the streets of Paris’s 20th arrondissement.

At a rhythm of two concerts per season until the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Paris 2024, the size of this band will expand by offering workshops to amateurs for each session. This theme will feature strongly in the future Cultural Olympiad, bringing together more than one hundred musicians and a repertoire of thirty anthems between now and 2024! Re-orchestrated by composers of various styles, they will express the richness and diversity of the anthems in their symbolic as well as musical dimensions.



with L’Orchestre de spectacle du Nouveau théâtre de Montreuil, Éléonore Auzou-Connes et de nombreux musiciens amateurs invités

idea Mathieu Bauer
directed by Sylvain Cartigny
composition Étienne Charry, Franky Gogo, Andrea Marsili, Eve Risser

productionOrchestre de spectacle du Nouveau théâtre de Montreuil 
coproduction Nouveau théâtre de Montreuil – CDN
soutien SACEM, Direction de l’Action Culturelle