Alvise Sinivia / creation

The composer and pianist Alvise Sinivia brings together a multidisciplinary team that has been collecting and interpreting sonic, visual and dreamlike images for many years. By making future archaeology the subject of a science fiction fable, they draw us into a sound show haunted by the laws of chaos.

in coproduction with La Pop


with Paul Ramage, Simon Rouby, Alvise Sinivia, Julien Soulatre 

dramaturgy & directed by Maya Boquet 
text, story Lancelot Hamelin 
scenography Franck Jamin 
composition Paul Ramage 
audiovisual archives collector Jocelyn Robert 
video Simon Rouby 
artistic direction, composition Alvise Sinivia 
lights Julien Soulatre 
voice Frédéric Stochl

production Compagnie Alvise Sinivia
coproduction La Pop, La Soufflerie, La Muse en circuit, Nouveau théâtre de Montreuil – CDN
accueil en résidence IRCAM, GMEM, Villa Médicis, La Soufflerie, La Pop, La Manufacture des Œillets (Ivry), La Muse en circuit, Le Théâtre de L’Aquarium
partner Ministère de la Culture – DRAC Île-de-France