Le Hurle

Alvise Sinivia

Four characters, ostensibly archaeologists of the future. A shelter into which the audience enters, their research laboratory. And the almost imperceptible voice of a man recounting his latest quest.

The performance Le Hurle takes the audience on a journey through a universe full of images and sounds that flirt with the strange.


direction artistic, composition Alvise Sinivia
dramaturgy, direction Maya Boquet
text Lancelot Hamelin
composition Paul Ramage 
video Simon Rouby
archivist Jocelyn Robert
lights Julien Soulatre
scenography Franck Jamin
voice Frédéric Stochl

On tour

25 au 27 nov 2021 La Pop, Festival Mesure pour Mesure, Paris

07 et 08 mai 2022 Festival Artinvita, Orsogna, Les Abruzzes
13 mai 2022 Festival Les Musiques, Marseille
6 avril 2022 Théâtre de Vanves