Jean-Pierre Larroche

How do you make a song? By patching sounds together, suggest Jean-Pierre Larroche and the electro-pop duo UTO. A mischievous musical fantasy to be enjoyed from a very young age.

The “show director” Jean-Pierre Larroche, a preeminent artist of the theatre of objects, likes to orchestrate phenomena. Here he rediscovers the sound objects and music that played a major role in his early productions. Le Présent c’est l’accident is, at its core, a stratagem to capture the haphazard jolts and collisions that shape the creation of a song.

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One night, two show 
Saturday 14 & Wednesday 18 nov, Death Breath Orchestra and Present is accident can be seen in a row.



with Neysa Barnett, Émile Larroche 

created by Jean-Pierre Larroche, Émile Larroche, Neysa Barnett, Serge Dutrieux 
also with Léo Larroche 
lights Jean-Yves Courcoux
sound Julien Fezans

production Les Ateliers du spectacle
coproduction Transversales - scène conventionnée cirque à Verdun, Athenor scène nomade - CNCM à St Nazaire Soutien Anis Gras - Le lieu de l’autre à Arcueil.
La compagnie Les Ateliers du spectacle est conventionnée par le Ministère de la culture - DRAC Île-de-France et par la Région Île-de-France