Measure for Measure





In a solo performance that combines rock music, video and political texts, Silvia Calderoni explodes on stage. This show cannot be classified, talking about sexual identities that are impossible to categorize.

An actress takes command of the stage like a wild animal in a ring.  Italian performer Silvia Calderoni possesses a unique radiant presence and a physical language all her own.

Inhabited by music, she performs an elastic and dynamic electrical dance in the space she occupies. Working like a DJ, this androgynous-looking performer plays with a sound dub that moves from Buddy Holly to the Smiths via Stromae. She speaks out and reveals all, both literally and figuratively, playing with her own filmed image and documentary clips, assembling fiction and biography.

Born as neither boy nor girl, or perhaps both, she teaches us that the frontier between male and female is not as distinct as we may think. Following Alexis, une tragédie grecque (Alexis, a Greek Tragedy), the Motus (from Italy) are inspired by the writings of Pasolini, post-feminist authors and queer ideas, without forgetting the power of the theater to disturb the established order.