Measure for Measure

Le Joueur de flûte

Joachim Latarjet

Joachim Latarjet views traditional tales as a wellspring of fiction. After La Petite fille aux allumettes [The Little Matchstick Girl] performed at the Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil in 2017, the composer and director takes on Grimm’s famous tale. And comes up with explanations for some mysteries. What caused the invasion? Where did the musician learn to use melodies as a way of luring rats to their death? A contemporary tale to affirm that music also serves as a bulwark against the harshness of the world.


with Alexandra Fleischer, Joachim Latarjet


text, music & director Joachim Latarjet

d’après Le Joueur de flûte de Hamelin des frères Grimm

collaboration artistic Yann Richard

sound & general management Tom Menigault

lights Léandre Garcia Lamolla

video Julien Téphany et Alexandre Gavras

costumes Nathalie Saulnier

with "Les Habitants" Aliénor Bontoux, Lysandre Chalon, Camille Chopin, Max Latarjet, Abel Zamora filmés par Alexandre Gavras et "La Petite Fille Evi Latarjet

copyright Olivier Ouadah

text published Actes Sud-Papiers, collection “Heyoka Jeunesse”


production Théâtre de Sartrouville et des Yvelines–CDN, Compagnie Oh ! Oui…

with the help in theatre production from DRAC Ile-de-France