Late Night

Blitz Theatre Group - Greece

When the things you believe in come crashing down, what remains to be done? One option might be to dance on the ruins until you’re out of breath. This melancholic show expresses the urgent need to live.

War is ravaging Europe. Feelings have turned into ashes. There is no more hope in revolution or in love, and the future is obscured under dark clouds. We understand little by little that the three men and three women on stage are sharing piecemeal memories and confessions in the form of harrowing flashbacks. In a ballroom cluttered with rubble, they speak and dance, waltzing to nostalgic symphonies, old jazz tunes and obsessively repetitious melodies. Driven by the energy of despair, they dance as a last resort, a self-deprecating and obstinate gesture of resistance. This tragic ballet is also interspersed with lightness and humour. Having for many years pushed the theatre to its limits, Christos Passalis, Angeliki Papoulia and Giorgos Valaïs offer with Late Night a poetic work that is probably their most intimate show to date.

These creators have the burning desire to express the world as they see it in their native Greece in the throes of its crisis, asphyxiated by unemployment, instability and fear that are not as distant as we might think. Late Night can also be viewed as a sensitive reflection on the effects of capitalism in our lives: loss of bearings, feelings of impotence and despair in face of disaster. For the Blitz Theatre Group, the stage is a forum to ask new questions to deal with pressing matters. “When all is lost, what can we do to feel we are still alive?” is perhaps the central enquiry of Late Night.


with Maria Filini, Sophia Kokkali, Angeliki Papoulia, Christos Passalis, Fidel Talaboukas, Giorgos Valaïs
dramaturgy Blitz Theatre Group and Nikos Flessas
director’s assistant Vassia Attarian
music Blitz Theatre Group and Giorgos Konstantinidis

choreography Yannis Nikolaidis
sets Efi Birba
costumes Vasilia Rozana